Jessica Berlin


Keynote & TEDx Speaker


Event Moderator

Strategy Consultant & Coach

Founder & Managing Director,

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Innovation & Inspiration.
For Business. Technology. Society. Policy.

Jessica Berlin is a celebrated international speaker and moderator.

A foreign policy expert turned business and development innovator, Jessica delivers insight and analysis packed with wit, wisdom, and unforgettable stories from her life and work in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the US. Her talks on innovation and leadership for business, tech, policy, and sustainability have electrified audiences around the world.

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"One of the most powerful and inspiring TED talks I've seen."

"Standing ovations for Jessica Berlin..."


"Jessica Berlin's genius TedTalk on how  #strategicempathy will get us out of this #clusterfuck..."


Featured Events

Featured Events

Addis Ababa  -  Alexandria  -  Berlin  -  Hamburg  -  Hyderabad  -  Karachi  -  Kiel  -  London  -  Marrakech  -  Nairobi  -  Oslo  -  Taipei  -  Tehran  -  Warsaw  -  Yangon


Strategy development for business, government, and nonprofit ventures via

intercultural communication & training

Communication, partnership development, diversity strategy, workshops, and trainings for building successful teams and partnerships across cultures and countries



Experienced and engaging speaker, panelist, and moderator for international business, policy, and innovation events (EN/DE)

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